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Sunday, February 6

Framura with one of several walks that this place offers. Among the many we have found the path from door to Framura Bonassola. Are nominally three hours (who knows me knows that for me and quota-5). Maximum height 200m. Packed Lunches.
If we can just find the beach sunbathing.
If we adjusted the number system is the best car to Framura. From there walk up to Bonassola along a path on the hillside. Once there take the first train that brings you back to Framura. E 'can, if you want, go by train, but the path is long because it requires foreign exchange. The cost at the individual level is also limited, compared with a full car is even higher.
Below we enclose a summary of the route and the city of Framura.
This is a trip with friends
cost sharing, route free
Framura Trail - Bonassola

Starting point: at the railway station Framura

Quote: starting 15 m above sea level, arriving 6 m above sea level

Max vertical drop 205 m

Degree of difficulty: easy
Time: 3 hours approximately
From the train station going up a flight of steps leads to Via L. Duin along which you can enjoy views of beautiful euphorbia trees and a vast panorama of the sea. After the red houses, take the path that runs on the outcrops of basalts pillows (pillow lava). Crossing the Valley of the blades, you get to Willow (205 m asl) and vineyards and Mediterranean continue to saddle Carpeneggio. An arrow on the right indicates the path that leads to the hare's leap from where you can enjoy a magnificent view overlooking the sea. Going back a hundred yards, the trail takes you down the road from Bonassola reaches of the Madonna and in proximity to Punta el рад a stairway leads to the village cemetery at the Church of St. Catherine

General Program

Machine -
8.30 - Meeting the MM of Famagusta in Framura
11.00 Arrival and departure
16.00 Arrival 16:40 Departure by train to Bonassola Framura
Framura 17.00 Departure by train to Milan
- Meeting

7.15 7.25 Departure to the central station
10:44 17:56 Depart Arrive Framura
train to Milan
Planned spending -
machine, sharing the costs. About 38 € per car one way
Rail, depends on the train. Minimum 13 euro per person one way
Packed Lunches basic


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